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Canam GoldCor Professional Took Kit - Fully Loaded!

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Canam GoldCor Professional Tool Kit - Speed, Precision, Perfection!

The Canam GoldCor Professional Tool Kit is the upgraded Professional Tool Kit.

This Kit is fully loaded and features the latest Canam GoldCor Dual-Purpose Applicator along with 3.0″ & 3.5″ finishers for that quality finish and efficiency every time.

The Canam GoldCor Professional Tool kit allows for the most professional 3 step method - Application, Embedding and Finishing.

Capture enormous time savings with CanAm’s signature quality and consistency.

Applying mud with the 42" Compound tube allows for the smoothest delivery without the mess and used with the applicator heads which are engineered to direct the perfect amount of compound to your joint, you can't go wrong!

Applying with the GoldCor applicator head is designed to glide effortlessly on the wall and give you that easy one step professional finish without fuss.

The heavy duty inside corner roller allows you to embed a precise 90 degree corner every time, while the outside bead rollers are used for the outside corner bead.

The roller glide corner finishers wipe and feather both sides of inside 90 degree angles in one pass.

Glide over the tape with the 3.0" for taping & 3.5" for the second or finishing coat.

Bonus - Nycor finishers, built for the tough jobs and to protect your stainless finishers.

What's Included:

42″ (107cm) Compound Applicator Tube - A300

The best way to ensure the compound gets into the corners is through a mud applicator tube.

Made from anodized, thick-wall aluminum tubing, this Compound Tube is designed for the professional - rugged performance, quick disassembly and easy cleanup.

GoldCor Dual Purpose Inside Corner Applicators - E1200

2-Way Design – You never have to turn your applicator around again–move back and forth with one fluid motion.

4 Wheels – Glide effortlessly on the wall to maximize your speed and minimize resistance.

Patented CoilSpring Retainers – Engineered by our team to eliminate the mess and control the flow for an easy finish.

Adaptable Slot – contoured to the corner, the Dual-Purpose Applicator fills gaps on your taping coat and limits flow on finishing coats

Box Filler Adapter - H700

Eliminates the need for an expensive pump to fill your flat boxes!

Unique design prevents tilting in both directions without restricting rotation.

Roller Glide Corner Finishers

Corner Finishers are designed to wipe, feather, and finish both sides of an inside 90° angle in a single pass, with little need for cleanup or sanding.

Precisely adjusted feathering tabs ensure a fast, uniform finish every time, while the hardened stainless steel wiping blades, and stainless runners keep them finishing over countless angles.

Their lightweight aluminum bodies connect effortlessly to Flusher Handles.

3.0″ (7.62cm) - B200-RR

Ideal for the initial coating of paper tape after corner rolling. This corner tool is what you need to start drywall angles off well.

3.5″ (8.89 cm) - B400-RR

Typically used after taping, for application of a second or finish coat, this is one of the best tools for drywall projects.

3′6″ – 6′ Extendable Flusher Handle - D400-V1

Corner Finisher Handles are the perfect tool to get your flushers into any angle.

Providing versatile movement and control of the head, the stainless steel ball joint connects to all Drywall Flushers easily.

The rubber grip provides optimal comfort, and anti-slip control. Available in a variety of lengths, both fixed and extendable, these lightweight aluminum poles put most angles in easy reach.

Canams most popular finishing handle has an adjustable reach, from 3’6” to 6’ with quick twist-lock action, for when you need to work close, or when you need to work far.

3′6″ – 6′ Extendable Roller Handle - D500-V1

Roller Handles are the perfect tool to get your Corner Rollers into any angle.

The threaded connector fits all CanAm inside and outside rollers, while the lightweight aluminum tube provides control and roller stability in your hands.

The rubber grip provides optimal comfort, and anti-slip control.

Available in a variety of lengths, both fixed and extendable, these lightweight aluminum poles puts most angles in easy reach.

Outside Corner Applicator - F100

The Outside Corner Applicator Head puts the mud right where it counts for standard 90° outside corners.

It is a snap to attach, and simple to use with any Applicator Tube.

Enjoy great results sooner compared to mudding with ordinary hand tools.

Flat Applicator - G200

The 3” Flat Applicator Head is essential for butt joints and flats.

This tool gives you the perfect size ribbon of mud to quickly prefill flat and butt joint surfaces before, and after taping.

Its simplicity makes it a snap to attach and remove.

Heavy Duty Inside Corner Roller J200-V1

Inside Corner Rollers embed tape before wiping excess mud with a Finisher – a necessity to creating a professionally finished angle with a crisp, clean 90° finish.

The one-piece aluminum chassis is powder-coat finished to make the Roller easy to clean, and long lasting.

Using a Corner Roller helps by aligning tape, reducing air bubbles under paper tape, and saving you tool wear on any Corner Finisher that follows.

Each roller head fits both our fixed length and extendable handles.

The premium Corner Roller for embedding paper tape.

Four solid stainless steel wheels roll smoothly to create a the ultimate, professional look and finish.

Bead Roller - K101

Bead Rollers are designed for simplicity of use, and make embedding corner bead a breeze.

The lightweight frame, and wheels give you superb control, pressing corner bead exactly where it needs to go.

Each roller head fits both our fixed length and extendable handles.

NyCor Accessories:

2.5" NyCor Corner Finisher - C9100

Hi-Vis Green, this is the world’s most popular corner finisher size, perfect for taping coats

3" NyCor Corner Finisher - C9200

Concrete Grey, this is the most versatile corner finisher size, perfect for finishing coats), but can also be used for taping coats.

3.5" NyCor Corner Finisher - C9300

Appearing in Electric Blue, this is one of the world’s most popular corner finisher sizes, perfect for finishing coats (2nd or 3rd coat).

6" NyCor Finisher Handle - D9100

The NyCor Finisher Handle is a perfect match for your NyCor Finisher, and is versatile in application:

With an ergonomic design, it can be used by hand for easy-to-reach corners, alternatively use an adaptor and connect to any painters extension pole.

Includes GoldCor Rugged Tool Case for easy transport - P1700

Be rewarded with with more time to do those other jobs with Canam's signature quality and consistency.

Canam proudly crafted in Canada since 1973.

Model: P1701-V1

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