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Trizact - The Metal Finishing Abrasive!

A favorite among knife makers, Trizact is an optimal choice for sharpening and polishing blades.

Think consistency when you think Trizact Abrasives.

Trizact abrasives deliver more consistent finishes, consistent cut rates, and cooler grinding and finishing temperatures than conventional abrasives. They continuously expose fresh abrasive cutting surfaces, for more predictable and more consistent quality in your end products.

Trizact is an Engineered Abrasive on X Weight Cloth backing.

Trizact abrasives are ideal for applications requiring a fine finish, and are suited for a variety of metals such as stainless steel, chromium, nickel and cobalt-based materials.

Available grits:

120, 200, 240, 280, 400, 800 & 1200

Ideal For:

Finish sanding for all non ferrous and ferrous metals, Ideal for stainless steel titanium and nickel alloys.

If you would like a quote for custom made belts please let us know the belt size, the grits and the abrasives you would like here - Ask Matt

Please note that custom belts are made to order, and will take up to 10 working days to produce. This is in addition to the shipping time of your order.

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