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Ekamant EKA1000F - Antistatic General Wood Sanding!

EKA1000F is a general purpose abrasive product suitable for a wide range of applications and wood / wood-based materials.

Why Antistatic? Because it generates no electrical charges. The result is that the sanding dust follows the sanding belt and is carried out by the suction devices/dust extractors of the machine. No sanding dust adheres to the workpiece meaning you get a better and cleaner wood surface and a cleaner work environment.

The efficient and durable aluminium oxide grit together with the robust paper backing enables high material removal rate and fine surface finish.

Ekamant EKA1000F - is a Resin Bonded, Open Coat Aluminium Oxide on F Weight Antistatic Paper backing.

The antistatic paper backing together with an open coating, reduce clogging to a minimum, improving the life span of the product and contributes to a minimized dust load on the sanding surface.

Available grits:

60, 80, 100, 120, 150 & 180

Ideal For:

Sanding soft woods, hard woods, mdf, hdf, leather and textiles.

If you would like a quote for custom made belts please let us know the belt size, the grits and the abrasives you would like here - Ask Matt

Please note that custom belts are made to order, and will take up to 10 working days to produce. This is in addition to the shipping time of your order.

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