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Wagner Control Pro 350 Extra Vs Wagner Control Pro 250M - What Are The Differences?

Wagner Control Pro 350 Extra Vs Wagner Control Pro 250M - What Are The Differences?

Matt Piggin |

Wagner Control Pro 350 Extra Vs Wagner Control Pro 250M

I am frequently asked what the differences are between the Wagner Control Pro 350 Extra and other variations, particularly the Wagner Control Pro 250M which is much cheaper and sold through Bunnings.
It is important to understand these differences and make an informed decision based on your actual needs.
I have listed these in order of what I think are the most important considerations:


1/ Hose length 
Consider what and where you are spraying, e.g. if painting a roof you want the unit on the ground so will need a minimum of 15m, with a smaller hose you will need to be moving the spray unit around continuously.
250M - Supplied with a 9m hose (extending beyond is not recommended due to smaller motor)
350Extra - Supplied with a 15m hose (can add 15m if required as will support 30m)
2/ Extension Wand
An extension wand allows you to paint a ceiling while standing on the ground or protects your back by not having to bend right over when painting a roof. The Wagner Control Pro sprayers have 2 wand sizes available: 30cm and 60cm.
250M - No extension wand
350Extra  - 30cm Extension wand
3/ Power / Flow rates
Power and flow rate translates directly into how hard your unit is going to work and will have an immediate effect on the longevity of your sprayer and the variety of products that can be used.
250M - Power 550W Flow 1.25 L/Min
350Extra - Power 600W Flow 1.5 L/Min
4/ Spray Tips
In basic terms the spray tip is used to determine the size of the fan and the speed of the paint flow. A tip will have 3 numbers eg 515, the first number is the size of the fan (approx double and measured in inches), in this case the 5 means a 10 inch fan and the next 2 numbers are the size of the orifice. For the Control pros they start at a '11' this is the smallest going up to a '19' being the largest. You match the tip to the paint or area being painted, a 311 is great for small areas like window frames and furniture while a 619 is ideal for roofs and larger areas.
250M - 2 tips 311 & 515
350Extra - 3 tips 311, 515 & 619
Armed with the above information you can make an informed choice on what suits you best if you have a fence, some internal walls or some furniture, the Control Pro 250M will be sufficient. However, if you have a roof, renovation, ceilings or any larger areas, then you would want to get the Control Pro 350 Extra.
*Originally Posted by Matt Piggin on 14th February 2019

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