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Wagner Control Pro 350 - Common Questions Answered

Wagner Control Pro 350 - Common Questions Answered

Matt Piggin |

There are many questions that are asked by Do It Yourselfer's as well as those new to spray painting, and while this was written specifically for the Wagner Control Pro 350 sprayers it is applicable to most airless applications.

Wagner Control Pro 350 - Common Questions Answered 

Can I use a shorter hose for smaller jobs?

Most airless sprayers are supplied with 15m spray hoses. For some models you can get a shorter hose however, the difference in paint required is less than 100ml and the saving in cleaning time is barely measurable. For units that use a diaphragm you cannot use a shorter hose as it will not allow for the correct pressurization by the pump.

Can I use a longer hose?

The Wagner Control Pro will support a maximum of 30m of spray hose, ideal for painting a 50m long fence, or a second story roof.

I was going to put the spray unit on the roof!

Please don't! There are several risks with this, including it vibrating and falling off and as I like to point out - taking it up clean is easy, coming back down full of paint is a lot harder and easy for disaster to happen.

I cannot find the seal in the gun filter housing?

From the manual this looks like a part that can be removed / replaced, it is in fact a sealed part and not removable or replaceable.

HEA Spray Tip

What tip should I use?

The Wagner 350 comes with 3 tips, 311 for smaller applications like fence palings, doors and windows, 515 great for ceilings, walls and weather boards and a 619 for large areas like roofs and sealer undercoats. 

Read more on tip selection here

Can I spray Resene X200 (or other membrane paints)?

When you get your paint and it recommends a particular size tip eg a 523, you need to know if your machine can support the last 2 numbers (in this instance 23). The Control Pro 350 can only support up to 19 so you could not spray this paint with this machine.

Can I spray oil based paint?

Yes, but you will need plenty of turps to clean up afterwards. Typically if switching between oil and water based paints I would recommend having 2 hoses, one for each application.

Can I spray straight from a new bucket of paint?

Yes, but I recommend running paint through a strainer (I use a baking sieve) first as clean paint means there is much less chance of a blockage. 

Can I leave it in paint overnight?

No! But if you must, then make sure the paint is topped up and covered.  Ensure the tip and guard are removed and left in water, and the hose is not left under pressure. (I will switch to prime to release all pressure and then repressure the spray hose to approx 100psi).

Should I use Wagner All Guard when cleaning?

Yes, Wagner All Guard or Graco Pump Armor will keep all internal moving parts wetted and in premium working condition.

Do I need to get all the water out when I clean it?

No No No, please never run an airless sprayer with no fluid, its like driving a car with no water in the radiator.

The manual mentions using household oil, what is this?

Any kitchen oil like olive, rice bran can be used, this is only required for long term storage and not for general cleaning.

Cannot see an answer here to your question? 

Feel free to contact me and I would be happy to answer it for you.

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