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Respiratory Protection For Welding, Woodworking And Industrial Applications - Optrel Swiss Air

Respiratory Protection For Welding, Woodworking And Industrial Applications - Optrel Swiss Air

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Optrel Swiss Air - Welcome To The Swiss Alps, Clean Air And A Clear View!

Whether you are working in a dusty environment, using nasty sprays or stripping lead based paint, protecting your lungs is paramount. At the forefront of providing cutting edge respiratory protection is Swiss company Optrel. Established in 1986 producing automatically darkening welding helmets, they are now a leading global supplier of face and head protection products and breathing protection solutions.

Many workplaces generate pollutant emissions such as smoke, dusts, particulate matter, or fumes that can enter the lungs through the nose and mouth, causing asthma, chronic cough, bronchitis, or other respiratory diseases, including lung cancer. The Optrel Swiss Air respiratory protection system lets you perform hazardous work independently and freely.  You can enjoy fresh air, completely independent of your activity and any other protective equipment.

A common issue with respiratory protection systems is they are bulky, complicated to use and often task specific. Optrel created the Swiss Air in response to these issues and the result is a complete TH3 respiratory protection solution.

How It Works?

The core element of the Optrel Swiss Air blower respiratory protection system is a ventilated half mask that completely covers the mouth and nose area and supplies them with purified air.

A breathing space is created in the mouth and nose area which, thanks to positive pressure, supports the user in breathing and eliminates tiring breathing resistance. The half-mask, made of high-tech fabric, is designed in such a way that it can be excellently adapted to the individual thanks to a freely adjustable headband. This concept eliminates the need for time-consuming fit tests that are common with conventional half masks.

The clean air comes via a Y-hose from a miniaturised blower system, which is comfortably carried by a carrying unit on the back. In this way, the user is permanently in a "positive pressure air system", which permanently protects his respiratory tract against contaminated air.

Less Fatigue 

With a significant reduction in the design weight of this head and face protection system, the Swiss Air helps to reduce pain in the users neck and back.  This limits fatigue whilst also eliminating the need for a heavy combination helmet.

Ergonomic Design

With comfort in mind and a thickness of only 48 mm, this system ergonomically adapts to the back, allowing you to get through even the smallest openings. The clever design also eliminates the need for fit testing making it a solution for anyone.

Active Protection

By providing protection of the respiratory tract and lungs against pollutants in the air, this system helps to prevent the development of respiratory and lung diseases.

More Productivity

Increases the performance of the user thanks to positive pressure system, which supports breathing and does not cause any breathing resistance.

Unlimited Application Possibilities

Swiss Air air is as versatile in application as the tasks in industry, trade, construction, medicine or agriculture.

Flexible and completely independent of the helmet system used.

Optrel takes your health seriously, they have eliminated the excuses, the Swiss Air is an All-In-One solution, compact easy to use and providing optimum protection. 

Head here to order your Swiss Air, or contact me at for more information.

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