Rupes Compact Portable Dust Extraction Unit, S230EL

Rupes S2 SERIES Compact Portable Dust Extraction Unit, S230EL

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Rupes S2 Series 1200W Portable Dust Extraction Unit with Automatic Filter Cleaning S230EL 

The Rupes S230EL is the result of when you take a great vacuum and make it better, they are now compatible with the Systainer T-Loc systems.

Compatible with Systainer T-Loc Systems

The S230EL can be used as a real working station, where it is possible to store tools, abrasives and other essential equipment.

S2 Series vacuum cleaners are equipped with a fast connection for all the SYSTAINER T-LOC modular systems. 


With a 1200 watt motor the RUS130EL is an extremely versatile and compact dust extraction unit, providing dust extraction for an electric tool. The operator can choose between  manual or automatic mode. The automatic mode can be selected by means of the special patented electronic board for electric tools with a maximum power of 2400 Watts.

Automatic Filter Cleaning

To ensure maximum extraction efficiency under all working conditions, the S1, version E extractors have an automatic filter cleaning system (RUPES patent). By means of a system of valves, the air flow passing through the filters is inverted in alternation every 30 seconds, thus ensuring efficient cleaning action. With this innovative system, the operator is able to continue working without any interruption of or reduction in the extraction process.

Supplied with a multipurpose swivel extraction attachment that makes it possible to use extraction hoses with diameters of 25, 29, 38 and 50 mm, making the extractor adaptable to any application. This model comes complete with a 5m hose and filter bag.  

Extracted Dust Classification Rated ‘L ‘ - with a maximum tolerated exposure value > 1.0 mg/m3 (according to the EN60335-2-69/A2 standard). Suitable for fine dust, dust from mineral substances containing aluminium oxide and paint dust applications.

Features a convenient, multipurpose shelf for storing tools and attachments.

Supplied with a 4m hose and filter bag.

Model:  RUS230EL


The 3-position selector enables the operator to choose the manual or automatic modes. The automatic mode can be selected by means of the special pateneted electronic board for electric tools with a maxium power of 2500 Watts and a flow sensor for pneumatic tools.
This model comes with a 5m hose and filter bag.
Technical specifications; Max power at socket: 2500W, Dust bag capacity: 7Kg, Noise: 75dB(A), Weight: 6Kg

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