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Matts Chat - April 2024 - Catrina's Chat

Matts Chat - April 2024 - Catrina's Chat

Matt Piggin |

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. -
Charles R. Swindoll
Many of you reading this would have had interactions with one
of Millin’s superstars - Catrina.
Her contribution to Millin over the past 3 years has been
nothing short of amazing. A company is only as good as the
staff that represent it, she has definitely made us so proud. For
the last 2 years while battling cancer Cat has continued working
and giving so much more to Millin than was ever deserved.
Cat always hassled me to have the newsletter done on time,
and I would always leave til the last minute, this one is for you
kid - It's a week early!
From the bottom of my heart - Thank You xxx
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