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Why Choose A Kranzle?

Why Choose A Kranzle?

Matt Piggin |

What Makes Kranzle High Pressure Cleaners So Good!

All Kranzle Machines Include The Following Features
Solid Brass Pump Head
10 year guarantee on pump head.
The pump head is manufactured by Kranzle in Germany from forged special brass and guarantees an extremely long corrosion free life with a 10 year guarantee.
Stainless Steel Plungers with Ceramic Coating
All units are equipped with ceramic coated stainless steel plungers, this makes for excellent thermal conductivity and extremely low wear. This serves to considerably increase the service life of all Kranzle machines.
Dry Run Safety
All pumps are equipped a fabric sleeve and a Teflon graphite back ring. The superior gliding properties of Teflon graphite serves to reduce both the friction resistance and temperatures in the pump. As a result the systems can be operated undamaged without water for a certain period - dry-run safety.
Bypass Operation
All machines switch over to a low pressure bypass operation as soon as the gun is closed. The water is circulated with a residual pressure of approx 10 bar. Machines with 'Total Stop' switch off completely, significantly prolonging the service life of both the pump and motor.
Non Corrosiveness & Durability
Breakdowns due to corrosion are impossible as all parts of pump and safety devices that are in contact with water are made of stainless steel or special brass.
Continuously Adjustable Pressure & Water Control
For all machines, the operating pressure and thus the amount of water can be exactly adjusted to suit the cleaning task.
Quality Pressure Gauge
All machines are equipped with a large conveniently located glycerine filled stainless steel pressure gauge.
Slow Runner
The machines (except for HD10/122) are equipped with slow running, silent and durable quadripolar industrial electric motors (1400rpm)
Faster end-consumer service!
The rather extensive Kranzle program is based on only a few types of pumps and motors. This translates into a small spare parts inventory for distributors and a faster end consumer service.
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*Originally Posted by Matt Piggin on 24th March 2017

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