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Trizact 101: Uses and Benefits of the #1 Metal-Finishing Abrasive

Trizact 101: Uses and Benefits of the #1 Metal-Finishing Abrasive

Matt Piggin |

​Trizact 101: Uses and Benefits of the #1 Metal-Finishing Abrasive

There are a wide variety of abrasives available choosing the correct one for your application can make the difference between a successful and economic outcome. We also take in-depth looks at Ceramic Abrasive Grains and the very hard metal grinding abrasive Zirconia — lets look at one of the best in the aluminum-oxide class:, the metal-finishing abrasive Trizact

Engineered using microreplication technology, Trizact is comprised of miniscule 3D aluminum-oxide structures spread across the entire surface of the abrasive material. As the structures on the surface break down with use, new layers of mineral take their place — keeping the abrasive sharp and ensuring it lasts up to five times longer than its conventional counterparts.

In addition to this longer lifespan (and consequent cost-effectiveness), Trizact’s unique composition and wear style result in impressive consistency of both cut rate and finish. The layers wear away at a steady and uniform pace, meaning you get dependable, predictable abrasion the entire time you’re using the material — ultimately leading to better and more consistent quality of product.

The abrasive of choice whenever smooth, fine finishes are desired, Trizact comes in sheets, discs, and belts, making it suitable for a number of different industries and uses.

Employable on a wide range of metals from nickel to stainless steel, it’s commonly seen in a similarly wide range of applications, including metal polishing, automotive collision repair, knifemaking, and tool sharpening.

Because Trizact runs cooler than other abrasives, it’s excellent for coloured surfaces and drastically reduces both warping and discolouration in the finish. It’s also available in a number of different grades (measured in microns and outlined below) to help you perfectly calibrate your desired finish.

A160 = 120 grit size

A100 = 200 grit size

A80 = 240 grit size

A65 = 280 grit size

A45 = 400 grit size

A30 = 800 grit size

A16 = 1400 grit size

At Millin, we custom-make all of our Trizact belts to order with a turnaround time of less than two weeks. We can make them up to 10m long and 300mm wide and everything in-between, ensuring you get the right product for your application.

Need belts? Get in touch at to place an order or to talk to Matt about the perfect Trizact abrasive for you.

*Originally Posted by Matt Piggin on 22nd Mar 2021

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