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Pro-Active Battery Powered Respiratory Protection - Introducing The Powercap

Pro-Active Battery Powered Respiratory Protection - Introducing The Powercap

Matt Piggin |

Respiratory protection is an industry wide issue, how we manage these situations is getting easier, with a wide range of options now available.

The introduction of battery powered Positive Pressure Respiratory Protection has created a solution that is convenient, affordable and user friendly.

The Powercap Active Battery Powered Respirator Cap. is an innovative product and one of the standout solutions.

The Powercap by JSP Safety is perfect for dusty environments and light industrial applications like woodworking, automotive, construction, and where general respiratory protection is needed.

How It Works

The battery powers a small fan unit that actively pulls contaminated air through the filters pushing clean filtered air into the mask area. The Powercap supplies the filtered air at a rate of 160 litres per minute.

Advantages of using a Powercap respirator

Not only providing a respiratory solution, the Powercap also gives you eye and bump protection, all the while being lightweight and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort during use.

Low user fatigue, the air is supplied freely rather than having to pull it through with your own breathing.

No Fit Testing Required - Can be used with facial hair.

No visor misting.

Keeps you cool even when doing strenuous work.

Very light at only 720gm and comfortable to wear.

8 hour battery life before recharging.

Safety Features

Respiratory protection FFP2.

2 x P2 Cartridge Filters + Prefilters

Face impact protection to EN166 1B;

Bump cap protection to EN812.

Includes a flow gauge - indicates need for filter replacement.


Use in well-ventilated areas only, which are not deficient in oxygen and do not contain explosive atmospheres.
Do not use where exposure to chemical gases may be experienced.
Understanding your environment and application, then matching it with the correct respirator will always give you the best protection. 

Not sure what you need? Feel free to contact me and I would be happy to help find a solution.

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