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Affordable Factory, Warehouse And Retail Line Marking Solutions

Affordable Factory, Warehouse And Retail Line Marking Solutions

Matt Piggin |

What if there was an easier and affordable way to keep your lines looking crisp and your workplace compliant?

Health and safety is designed to keep staff, visitors and the public safe. Its application can vary from Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to onsite hazards that need to be managed like forklifts and access equipment. Factories, warehouses and to a lesser extent retail outlets will often need to have floor markings to identify different areas. These lines will be painted in a variety of colours, used to identify car parks, pedestrian access, thoroughfare directions, storage areas and so much more. With all painted surfaces these lines are an ongoing maintenance issue and need to be repainted, sometimes as often as quarterly but more likely every one - two years. The cost involved in maintaining the lines can be prohibitive or getting contractors in to do them at a time that suits your business can be problematic. Lines that are faded or non-existent could also be an accident waiting to happen.

 At Millin, we have multiple line marking application options that cater for all management and upkeep. Whether you have a small shop with a couple of carpark lines to a large industrial complex or ongoing sports field maintenance.

Spray Paint In A Can

If you only need to maintain a small number of lines then the simplest solution is using line marking spray cans, which come pre-mixed and available in a variety of colours to suit the areas needing painting. Line marking spray cans have an inverted spray tip allowing you to apply the paint using the can upside down. These are a cheap and easy way to keep small areas looking bold and fresh.

Professional Line Marking Wand

Taking the spray paint can to the next level is the Professional Spray Wand. Just load a can, pull the trigger and start walking behind the single-wheeled marker while it applies the paint comfortably and accurately. These are idea for small line marking jobs like office carparks and pedestrian walking areas in warehouses.

Professional Striping Machine

Still utilizing the convenience of a spray can, the Professional Striping Machine has an adjustable line width from 50mm to 100mm and large heavy duty wheels for operation on any terrain. These wheels make it great for school sports fields but equally at home on larger applications and maintenance touch ups. 

Wagner Compact Line Marker

When a job is too big for spray cans, you will need to apply the paint using an airless spray application. In most instances this would require a dedicated line marking machine, which can be expensive, single purpose and bulky. The Wagner Compact Line Marker is the ideal solution for regular small to medium applications or infrequent larger jobs. This clever accessory converts your airless spray painter into a professional line marking machine, with the ability to paint straight lines, curved lines, narrow angles and even curbs with quick simple adjustments. 

You will need to have an airless sprayer for this, so initial set up may be a little bit more. The advantage is you can use the airless for all your other painting applications and maintenance work rather than a dedicated single use unit. 

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