WT100C Weldtech Weld Bead Cleaner

Weldtech WT100C Weld Bead Cleaner - Ensuring High Quality Welding Finishes

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Weldtech WT100C Weld Bead Cleaner

Designed for ensuring clean welds of all TIG or MIG welding, with no need to polish or dust - this machine improves welding work efficiency by up to 50%.

After the cleaning process, the work piece is bright as new ensuring optimum aesthetics. The WT100C will not damage the surface - preventing rust, and is much faster and less costly than pickling and polishing.


Improved Safety and Reliability with added safety features that prevent overheating.

Ergonomic and easy to use cleaning gun, which prevents short circuits. 

Increases efficiency and reduces cleaning time.

Electro-Chemical reaction does not alter the surface finish.

Automatic cleaning fluid supply for improved efficiencies.

Tough Built Portable System - Strong but Lightweight with a carry handle attached.

Accessories Included:

Weld Cleaning Torch with Spare Brush Head

Earth Lead & Clamp

Cleaning Pad


 Supply Power

 230V 50Hz/10A Single Phase

 Input Current Range

 3A - 6A

 Peak Voltage


 Duty Cycle

 100% @10A, 80%@18A

 Protection Class


 Fluid Capacity





 50 x 400 x 420mm

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18 months warranty with product registration.

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18 months warranty with product registration.