Walcom Air Blower Pro

Walcom Air Blower Pro - Paint Drying Gun

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Walcom Air Blower Pro - Paint Drying Gun

This water borne paint drying gun, with ball valve control is designed to be used manually or just as easily mounted on a manifold. 

It features continuous flow drying  and can be used for all phases of the drying process.  

Super fast drying, more efficient than traditional dryer.

High flow progressive valve.

Optimum Positioning:

Blow distance 40 - 50 cm in the first phase of drying.

Blow distance 10 - 20 cm for final drying.


Ball valve on/off operation

1/4 male thread

Air consumption 265 l/min at 3 bar

Maximum working temperature 70 C

Metallic Nozzle

Nylon and rubber radial

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