Custom Made Sanding And Linishing Belts From Millin

Custom Made Sanding And Linishing Belts From Millin

Posted by Matt Piggin & Nikki Michaels on 3rd May 2021

Custom-made abrasive belts from Millin

We’ve spent the past few months here on the blog talking about different kinds of abrasives — first ceramic grain, then Trizact, and finally zirconium. Each of these different abrasive grains has its own advantages and disadvantages, and they’re all available in off-the-shelf widths and lengths.

But what do you do if those ready-made products don’t suit your needs?

In certain trades and hobbies such as woodworking and knifemaking, older machines or custom sanders are used that in turn require custom sanding and linishing belts.

One of the services we offer here at Millin is tailor-made belts, all done in-house. We’re able to custom-make any length in widths from 10mm to 1400mm, and all of our belts can be made to your preferences in terms of abrasive and backing.

To create your custom belt, all we need to know is your desired width and length and your preferred material. 

Not sure of the size? See our previous piece on how to accurately measure a sanding belt here — or if you’d like help, feel free to get in touch at, and I’ll help set you up with everything you need.