A Closer Look At The Graco UltraMAX Cordless Handheld Sprayer

A Closer Look At The Graco UltraMAX Cordless Handheld Sprayer

Posted by Matt Piggin & Nikki Michaels on 13th Feb 2020

A Closer Look At The Graco UltraMAX Cordless Handheld Sprayer

In our first post of 2020, we’re taking an in-depth look at one of the most convenient spray painting tools currently on the market: the Graco UltraMAX Cordless Handheld Airless Sprayer. We’ll explore the pros and cons of this portable unit and its advantages and disadvantages in comparison to traditional airless sprayers, and we’ll break down what you can — and can’t — use it for. Let’s get started.

What sets the UltraMAX Cordless apart?

Aside from the obvious (that it doesn’t have a cord and is therefore far more portable than other airless sprayers), Graco’s UltraMAX is currently the only available handheld tool that can be used with water-based, solvent, and flammable architectural coatings.

What are the pros?

Battery-operated and therefore hyper-portable, the UltraMAX Cordless offers the ultimate level of convenience when it comes to airless spraying. It’s also helpfully versatile (as we just mentioned, it’s capable of spraying a wide variety of coatings) and is by far the quickest and most efficient way to complete small jobs.

We’ve talked before about the exceptional finishes offered by airless sprayers and the Graco Fine Finish Low Pressure (FFLP) tips in particular (if you’ve read our post on choosing a low-pressure airless spray tip, you know Graco actually claims an industry-best finish) — and in a testament to its build, the UltraMAX Handheld delivers the same exceptional quality in a markedly smaller format.

This smaller and more portable nature means fewer moving parts, which translates to greater reliability and easier maintenance. These tools also utilise the FlexLiner Disposable Bag System — which renders setup and cleanup both quick and simple — and they take just 35 minutes to get to full battery charge.

So: portable, reliable, and user-friendly, with the added benefits of an excellent-quality finish, easy setup and cleanup, and versatility when it comes to coatings.

What are the cons?

Though it easily tops the heap in the realm of portability (it fits in your hand), the UltraMAX’s particular advantages naturally come with corresponding disadvantages.

The time it takes to charge the battery might be short, but it needs to be juiced up relatively frequently, and its smaller size means limited volume; you can spray .95 litres per fill and 3.7 litres with each use, which is far less than the output of traditional non-cordless airless sprayers. This means the UltraMAX is suitable primarily for small jobs and definitely won’t work for bigger ones — so don’t use it to paint your whole house!

Cleaning Tip

And a quick cleaning tip while we’re here: cleaning after using water-based paints is easier if you use a garden hose rather than refilling the liners with water. Just be careful to avoid getting water in the internals or the battery area!

Still wondering whether the UltraMAX is the right tool for you? Shoot me an email telling me a little about the job(s) you’re hoping to use it for, and I’ll help you out.