Texture Gun with 7 Litre Square Hopper

AMX Hopper Texture Spray Gun With Tilt Function To Spray Overhead

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AMX Hand held Texture Gun With 5 Nozzles And 7 Litre Square Hopper

This ultra portable system for spray painting texture onto walls, ceilings and more. 

The AMX texture gun includes an elbow fitting that allows for overhead spraying, ideal for ceiling and soffit repairs.

Each different size of nozzle produces variation in the texture with the larger nozzles included produce thicker coatings than what can be achieved with a standard spray gun.  

Use plaster coatings to add a textured finish to exterior and interior concrete, fences, block and brick surfaces.  

7 Litre Square Plastic Hopper for easy cleaning.

Includes 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 11mm nozzles.

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NB* Requires min. 8 cfm output compressor. (not included)